However, this prevents the assignment from resetting and therefore doesn’t allow them to save their new submission. This will not affect their ability to access their courses or assignments. See the “TurnItIn Error Fix” section for instructions on how the student can resolve this in their settings. Have the student wait a little longer first as it can take a long time for the code email to be sent to them. If they are still not seeing it, we can manually verify for them by just selecting “Verify” on their Buzz details page.

  • Log in with your agent email address and password.
  • There is no limit to the number of videos you can convert.
  • My colleague Miguel Guhlin and I were working on the ISTE Certified Educator training and we needed a random selector tool.
  • After all seven subjects have been used, the current contestant moves on to the final and has the first chance to win the bank.

Alternatively, and much more easily, you could simply email the sender and LIE. Tell them you deposited the check and see what happens next. GUARANTEED they will instantly demand you wire money back to them… In a HURRY, before the check bounces, which is usually within a few days, 2 weeks at most. Do NOT wire money to the scammer who sent you the check! When they’re not peddling nonexistent atm cards, they’re working dating site scams, craigslist scams, selling magical spells, miracle cures, and anything else they can dream up.

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You can run a lost partition search to scan your disk for partitions which have been removed and may still be recoverable. You or someone else may have accidentally reset your Mac to factory settings or you may not have been aware of what a factory reset really does before performing one. Important files and folders will be deleted from your computer after a factory reset. Make sure that your computer has an active and usable Internet connection.

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The scammers have to create many fake websites to reach the target victims easily. They also work hard to ensure that all the fake websites rank high on Google Search rankings. But what you might not be aware of is that all the sites promote services to trick individuals into falling for the FastSupport scams. Each of the fake websites looks similar to the real site. Individuals who cannot identify scams are more likely to get tricked to allow the remote access of their devices allowing the cybercriminals to initiate various tasks. is completely legitimate and is used by professionals to connect to your computer and provide remote support. However, it has its own dangers, as malicious users often try to connect to your device to steal your information or pull off a tech support scam.

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It also allows you to perform a clean update, so you won’t encounter any software-related problems until the next time you need to reset. Unlike an iPhone or iPad, there is no reset button on your Mac, helping you erase it and restore it to factory settings with one click. Towipe a MacBookincludes erasing all saved files on Mac’s internal hard drive, deleting personalized settings, and disconnecting the MacBook from services and software to avoid conflicts. The process has been the same for years on Macs with Intel processers, however, the move to Apple silicon has slightly altered the method for wiping and reinstalling the OS. And with the jump to macOS Monterey, certain computers gain a new option to erase all content and settings. Here’s how to erase your hard drive and reinstall the operating system on your Mac, whether it has Apple’s M1 chip or features Intel components. If you want your Mac back to how it was before you downloaded and installed macOS Ventura beta, you’ll need to restore your device from the backup you made prior to your beta fling.